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Every one of our clients is unique, and each client will have different aspirations, motivations and reasons for working with us. We believe in taking care of each of our clients and understanding their needs and aim to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, continued business relationships, obtaining referrals, and a more enjoyable working experience. We are committed to being available by whichever communication method our clients choose.

Products and Services

This is just a small sample of what our business offers

​Floor Maintenance and General overhead Maintenance

When you are maintaining an industrial space, it is important to ensure that all areas of your building from the roof to the floor are clean and safe for everyone working within. At JC Maintenance Services, we offer total floor maintenance such as:

Wall cleaning

Removal of garbage (including recycling)

Floor stripping

Floor waxing

We are also pleased to offer general overhead maintenance services for vent covers, rafters, water pipes in factories or any other high objects.

Please note that we also do duct work or HVAC.

Indoor cleaning Services

Indoor Cleaning Services



Carpet cleaning

Upholstered furniture and cubicle cleaning

Floor stripping, polishing and refinishing

HVAC cleaning

Light fixture cleaning

Blind cleaning

Emergency and disaster recovery cleaning

Terminal cleaning

Special event set-up and clean-up

Recycling programs service or product and why people should purchase it.